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Darien is tradition and stature, modernized. The core of the product is a classical motif which is just slightly distressed to pull the concept forward. These elements lay on top of a subtle striated base of 100% wool yarn which gives the product depth and texture. The result is a fresh, sophisticated take on the establishment.

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Diamonds are a Décor’s best friend, distinct, desirable and always a fashion classic. Diamond patterns in Home Fashion are an elegant and easy choice to transcend fads. Marquis will coordinate effortlessly with other patterns and in this low loop, utilitarian construction, creates a designer foundation for the most discerning customers.

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Tresor II

Tresor is French for “Treasure” or a term of endearment. Delicate and thoughtful design unites with the quality and durability of 100% New Zealand Wool. The textural high-low loop construction is enhanced by an unexpected and exciting color palette. At home in a traditional or modern setting, Tresor II sets the stage for your own treasures.

Victoria Island View product

Victoria Island

Victoria Island is a scenic and spectacular location in Canada. A romantic vision reflecting on the Ottawa waterfront, this design imitates subtle landscaped patterns reminiscent of the area. This organic striated movement paired with harmonizing colors create a cohesive look that’s striking yet warm and inviting. Victoria Island is a remarkable addition to any interior.