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Inspired By Design

EnVision® Your Design.

Discover the unparalleled world of home decor with EnVision® Nylon by TDG, where color takes center stage. Our expertise lies in curating vibrant, comprehensive color palettes specifically for carpets made with EnVision® Nylon. For today's discerning consumers who meticulously design their spaces, room by room, our range of hues becomes an essential part of their vision. Picture a tranquil, watery blue transforming a bedroom, a rich, welcoming burgundy defining a living space, or a rejuvenating moss green elevating a dining area. EnVision® Nylon carpets boast an expansive spectrum of distinctive colors and even offer custom dyeing options to match exact preferences. With EnVision® Nylon, the boundaries dissolve, leaving room only for your creativity and imagination to flourish!
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TRUCOR® is In Stock & Ready to Ship

TRUCOR® is in stock and can fulfill 99% of all orders received. If you find yourself receiving extended backorder dates, remember TRUCOR® is in stock and can ship immediately.
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Founders of Floor Fashion

Since 1866 Masland has been recognized as a leader in quality and design. Our illustrious history of superior products paired with a passion for style and innovation continues to flourish in - “1866” by Masland.

Thoughtfully produced and carefully curated products build on the foundation and visionary principals that drive our legacy - “FOUNDERS OF FLOOR FASHION’.
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The Masland Legacy

The tradition of manufacturing quality products has been practiced for 150 years and continues to be practiced today.
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