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Enter the EnVision® Your Design Contest to Win a $250 Gift Card - Learn More Here!

The Masland Legacy

Masland Carpets and Rugs was founded in Pennsylvania in 1866 and still today boasts of its heritage as the leading carpet manufacturer in the United States.

Leader in Quality & Design in the Marketplace

Masland's manufacturing and distribution plants measure over one million square feet. The facility has state-of-the-art technology ensuring quality throughout the manufacturing process.

The distribution center is capable of storing 20,000 rolls of carpet and the rug facility manufactures all rug designs ensuring quality control and production.

Masland products exemplify originality, innovative construction and color treatment as well as lasting beauty.

Making a Difference in the Industry

In addition to its superior product, Masland offers an outstanding customer service program. The company takes pride in its associates and continues to grow.

Masland continues to play a constructive part in the history of its industry and community -- realizing that history is only a foundation upon which to build.

Our Environmental Commitment

Masland is working to improve environmental performance by embracing three basic principles: conserving energy, managing waste, and recycling. In addition, we regularly monitor environmental progress by conducting comprehensive environmental inspections at each of our facilities to ensure we are using energy wisely and in compliance with all regulations.